Together for quality - Autoklinikka & PPG

"Thanks to technology provided by PPG, we have been able to minimize paint waste, speed up the painting process and further improve quality of paint work."

"MoonWalk is a revolution in time saving for production"

- says Pierre Lundin, Bodyshop Manager, Pierre Billackering Kalmar/IRS Group

Autoklinikka Testing & Training – Nexa Autocolor Eco-Dry Primer

“It works well when you want a flexible, fast, and easy process. You do not have to do unnecessary work.” - Kimmo Hyvärinen, Supervisor Autoklinikka -

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New digital tools for the commercial transport sector

Product Finder & System Finder tools make it easy to identify CT products and systems.

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New Eco-Dry Primer provides flawless results - regardless humidity

Allows customers to save energy, minimize the total repair process time and improve their bodyshop effectiveness.

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Introducing new TURBO VISION® Premium Etch Primer

Offering both speed and performance, P565-7700 delivers exceptional anti-corrosion protection and can be used together with any Turbo Vision topcoat.

PPG launches PPG LINQ digital ecosystem for the refinish industry

A new level of color matching accuracy

Piotr MW Adjusted
“MoonWalk is the perfect match for us; making it possible to work efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner.”

- Co-owner, Fredrik Andersson, Magno-Göteborgs Bilskadecenter AB.

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New clearcoat for the TURBO VISION® Commercial Transport range

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces P190-1400 EHS Clearcoat to its innovative TURBO VISION® commercial transport platform.

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”Our car painters are highly skilled, and they are satisfied with MoonWalk™. That is the most important thing.”

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces new Online Training Courses

Upgrade your competencies in a few hours with our effective online courses.

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NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces new Commercial Transport ColorReader