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Colour Tools

Discover our range offer for colour tools

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand has a range of innovative colour tools focused on delivering colour excellence and colour accuracy.

RapidMatch GO

The most advanced compact 5-angle spectrophotometer on the market, perfect for busy paintshops. Alongside its 5-angles it has the latest LED lights and is designed to work even on curved body parts and wheels.

RapidMatch GO has a compact design, is easy to handle and quick to get to the right colour. This makes it the ideal colour identification tool for both car and commercial vehicle repair.

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PaintManager Xi

This intuitive, real time software enables painters to efficiently select a match and mix product for every job, and managers to operate their business to maximize efficiency and profitability. 

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A market leader computer for paint mixing, exclusive to NEXA AUTOCOLOR®.

Using the latest touchscreen technology it is both fast and fully reliable.

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Variant Deck AQUABASE® Plus

The individual large colour chips in the Variant Deck give a true colour representation.

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Commercial Transport Colour Chip Tools

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® delivers practical and accurate colour chip card tools for their use together with our premium TURBO VISION® product range.

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Commercial Transport ColorReader
Reach colour excellence with the new, digital colour identification tool from NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand. ColorReader is a portable, Bluetooth-connectable device which can precisely match a full range of CVM and international standard colours in few seconds.

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