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Leading bodyshops into a new era of refinish paint mixing



This innovative system saves labour time, reduces waste and transforms the mixing room into a clean and safe environment. This robust and easy to use technology sets a new standard for the refinish paint market.


Paint technicians and bodyshop managers will benefit from the extreme accuracy coming from the automation of the mixing process, improving speed, quality and color consistency. Bodyshops using MoonWalk will, most likely, attract painters who are keen to work in environment where they can utilize their core skills.


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Minimise material consumption waste and enjoy a clean, splash free workspace with a revolutionary, self contained system that is suitably sized to fit all mixing rooms.


Achieve greater productivity with innovative software systems that save you time and money by reducing labour costs and increasing efficiency while also limiting the potential for human error.


Benefit from the ultra precision that comes with automating the mixing process, improving quality and consistency while also delivering the best experience for painting technicians.


Maximise revenue with this easy to use and efficient mixing technology that saves labour costs, streamlines bodyshop processes and creates greater workroom capacity.




Please see for yourself how MoonWalk works and which advantages it offers:

Moonwalk in 3D - get a detailed look at how the mixing machine works!

Check out how MOONWALK™ will transform your body shop!



What our customers think of MoonWalk

"Recently, we have gotten a MoonWalk paint mixing system, which makes our work much more efficient."

- Frederik Hansen, Car Painter, MJ Autolak

Watch the short video from MJ Autolak here. 


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