New clearcoat for the TURBO VISION® Commercial Transport range

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces P190-1400 EHS Clearcoat to its innovative TURBO VISION® commercial transport platform. This new and first clearcoat of the Turbo Vision range is set to impress the commercial transport industry with its premium mirror-gloss finish and excellent spray absorption and flow, making it extremely painter-friendly.

P190-1400 has been developed closely with a variety of commercial transport users, including bodyshops and major builders/manufacturers in Europe, Middle East and Africa, to ensure that it will meet and even excel our commitment to providing superior finishes, maximising the overall throughput and increasing the profitability of our users.

The new EHS Clearcoat complements the Turbo Vision platform and works with all existing ancillaries.


With a high gloss level straight out of the gun, our Turbo Vision clearcoat reduces process times for painters and delivers our customers, and their own customers, that dazzling “wow factor” with its perfect glossy finish.

Stig Hokstad, Technical Sales Representative, says: 

"This is an easy to spray clearcoat, providing an outstanding gloss. It looks wet even though it is dry. The clearcoat is also very good for multi-stripe applications where sharp lines with no edges between the paint layers is required. It can be used in large areas and for smaller parts."