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The Nexa Autocolor® brand has been a leading paint brand in the automotive refinishing sector for more than 25 years, with special ranges such as its Permobel products and Belco® products, which go all the way back to 1925.

Throughout this time the Nexa Autocolor products has been at the forefront of innovation and paint chemistry. For instance in the 1960s, the Nexa Autocolor brand introduced ground breaking 2K® paint to follow the introduction of metallic effect pigments on cars. This allowed any car's metallic effect to be reproduced using the Single Layer Metallic system.

The Nexa Autocolor brand's offer has proven to continually combine technological innovation with full colour capability. The best example with Nexa Autocolors leading position is with products such as the Aquabase® product line, the world's first waterborne basecoat, launched in 1992. This breakthrough technology delivered colour capability and durability in an environmentally friendly way.

In mid-2000 the Nexa Autocolor brand launched Aquabase Plus. This next-generation waterborne basecoat gives improved application and blending qualities that deliver a "Right First Time" match to the original car colours.

Today the Nexa Autocolor brand is one of the world's leading refinish paint brands, available in at least 147 countries through networks of importers and specialist distributors.