Automated Paint Mixing

Leading bodyshops into a new era of refinish paint mixing

PPG’s automated paint mixing system, MoonWalk, mixes colours with an astounding level of accuracy which provides a range of benefits to businesses in the automotive refinish sector. The benefits of automating this process include saving labour time, reducing product waste and improving sustainability; all of which contribute to a more productive – and profitable - bodyshop.

MoonWalk can reduce the carbon footprint from basecoat emissions by up to 9%. More precise measuring and the elimination of human error results in reduced paint consumption and emissions and less wasted product.

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PPG DigiMatch™ and VisualizID™

PPG DigiMatch spectrophotometer is an ergonomic, lightweight device that can be used with one hand. It features a digital camera that uses six imaging angles and an additional six reflectance angles to accurately record colour and texture information.

Using the information gathered by PPG DigiMatch spectrophotometer, the PPG VisualizID software identifies the accurate colour match from a portfolio of over 80,000 formulas displaying the results as a 3D image.

PPG VisualizID and DigiMatch can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 4% as well as reducing product waste and process times.

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PPG StockManager

PPG’s bodyshop inventory management system, Stock Manager, keeps an eye on the inventory levels and maintains accurate records of what you have in stock and what has been used, maximising profits and minimising losses. Having too much stock can lead to unnecessary costs and even potential wastage due to expiration dates. Additionally, it requires extra space to store the items, as well as more time and effort spent on tracking and managing them.

Reducing product wastage and enhancing ordering and stock management all support in making your Bodyshop more sustainable. By utilising electronic ordering, businesses' can reduce their overall energy consumption, waste production and carbon footprint, as well as save on storage costs. 

Join the Refinish Digital Revolution: PPG StockManager

Digital Planning Tool for Bodyshops

The digital planning tool for bodyshops, optimal process management

ProcessManager is the digital planning tool that will prepare your body shop for the future. The tool is easy to use and will provide a unique overview over your repair flow, helping you increase profitability. At the same time, it will free up a lot of resources that you can use for more important activities that truly generate profit.

ProcessManager is the IT solution that allows you to plan and assign your workload, follow the progress of each repair, and ensure on time delivery, reducing waste and process time.

  • Fully digital workflow & automatic pre-inspection booking
  • Flexible & intuitive capacity and resource planning
  • Easy distribution of the digital job card in the bodyshop
  • Easy and transparent job tracking

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