“MoonWalk is the perfect match for us; making it possible to work efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner.”

- Co-owner, Fredrik Andersson, Magno-Göteborgs Bilskadecenter AB.

Magno-Göteborgs Bilskadecenter AB started in 1968, when Rune Andersson took over a car repair shop in Gamlestaden. Now, he runs the company together with his sons Rickard and Fredrik.

Today, Magno-Göteborgs Bilskadecenter AB is an advanced car damage center with a strong focus on digital and environmentally friendly solutions.

Fredrik Andersson says: “We focus on implementing optimized processes and environmentally friendly solutions in our body shop. In this respect, we have a good partnership with PPG as it is also their aim to develop digital and environmentally friendly tools and solutions.

For the past 14 years, we have been using waterborne paint from Nexa Autocolor, and most importantly, we are now using PPG’s automated paint mixing machine, MoonWalk. MoonWalk helps you keep your working environment clean, and it reduces waste and saves you money."


Piotr Müller, car painter at Magno-Göteborgs Bilskadecenter AB, agrees. He uses MoonWalk every day and has also embraced MoonWalk from the beginning:

“We have had this fine machine for 3 years - and we are very happy with it. It makes our working day so much easier. It is easy to use, and you can do other things while the machine mixes your paint. The scale is extremely accurate, and you can mix small amounts of paint.

And above all, it is very important for us that all the color in the can is really used. Nothing goes to waste."