AQUABASE® Plus has been at the forefront of waterborne refinish systems for collision for more than two decades. To help you gain a competitive edge has been our motivation to develop a repair system which delivers three main gains:



Thanks to our close links with all Original Equipment Manufacturers, we have permanent access to all current colour formulations.

Since 2006 Aquabase Plus has introduced 25 new toners in response to the increase in more complex and special effect colours.

We are proud of our colour accuracy and consistency achievable with Aquabase Plus anytime.




Aquabase Plus was designed to boost process times at the same time reducing the environmental footprint. With the MOONWALK™ automated paint mixing machine, a more responsible material consumption is now more possible than ever.

Aquabase Plus stands for consistent results in premium quality, independent from the spraying technique applied, the climatic conditions in the bodyshop or previous rectifications of areas. Aquabase Plus means efficiency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


A steady evolution of colour matching and bodyshop optimisation programs and tools make Aquabase Plus the painters´ number one choice.

RAPIDMATCH™ Go Spectrophotometer 

The most advanced compact 5-angle spectrophotometer on the market.

TOUCHMIX® Express Computer

The latest smart paint computer, preloaded with PAINTMANAGER® XI software to enhace mixing and managing paint operatons.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR Inventory System

Inventory ensures easy stock management and ordering. Its  connectivity to barcoce reader makes bodyshop management more efficient than ever.

Innovative Apps‌ 

Retrieve the latest colour formulations with our COLORMOBILE® App or consult Aquabase Plus product information via our Product App anywhere and anytime.



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