NEXA AUTOCOLOR® launches new user-friendly one visit premium clearcoat

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® once again raises the standard for modern clearcoat performance. The name of the product now raising the bar in the clear coat category is: P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat, which uses advanced technology to achieve a superb, glossy, mirror-like finish with just one application.

Alongside rapid bake of down to five minutes and good air-drying capabilities, this new clearcoat provides significant flexibility, empowering all bodyshops to save time, material and energy - without compromising on performance and ease of use.

Like its predecessor, P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat requires only five minutes baking at 60˚C and has very quick drying properties, resulting in a higher volume of repairs and significant energy savings. The clear coat uses two dedicated hardeners and two thinners to ensure the optimum application in all temperatures.

Applied in only one visit

What truly makes this next generation clear coat stand out in the market is that it is fast and easy to apply. Moreover, it is applied in just one visit. Thereby, it supports the dedication of NEXA AUTOCOLOR® to ensure our customers’ need for optimizing their workflow, relieve bottlenecks and speed up processes - without reducing quality.

The speed and high-quality finish of the clear coat does not mean it is difficult to apply. With its excellent flow and superb resistance to sag, the revolutionary clear coat enables painters to apply with confidence.

The new clear coat can be used in number of different ways. In addition to drying in 5 minutes at 60 degrees, it can dry in 20 minutes at 40 degrees.  If Air drying is preferred, it is dust dry in 20 minutes, handable in 60 minutes and polishable in 90 minutes.

Read more about the product here: P190-8002

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