Turbo Vision - The next generation of CT coatings

Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision

It's finally here: Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision. The next generation of coatings for commercial vehicles, designed to leap-frog the competition and offer customers superior performance on drying times, VOC emissions, ease of use and product flexibility. 

The new TURBO VISION® system represents the future of commercial transport coatings, enabling you to reach even greater levels of innovation, process optimisation and colour excellence whilst also being fast-drying, easy to apply and a durable gloss and finish.

Mindre materialeforbrug

Material Saving

Mindre tørretid

Baking Time Reduction

Mindre energiforbrug

Energy Saving

Reducere VOC

VOC Reduction

A key customer benefit of Turbo Vision is the fast drying properties, which reduce the bake time and energy consumption by up to 25%, while maintaining excellent hold-out and air-drying capabilities. Furthermore, the new coating system is very hard after baking, meaning that parts can be fitted or refitted immediately, rather than waiting for the coating to cure overnight. This enhanced productivity enables manufacturers and bodyshops to increase throughput and capacity.

In addition to increased productivity and shorter cycle times, users also benefit from a 10% savings in material usage, thanks to the high opacity of the coating, which also reduces the need for re-work. These material savings can contribute to a 10-15% reduction in VOC emissions, resulting in healthier working conditions for painters and helping bodyshops, manufacturers and fleet operators to reduce their environmental footprint. As a recognition for its great technical benefits, this new platform has won a PPG Sustainability Award for Customer Solutions.

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Turbo Vision marks a significant shift for Nexa Autocolor, as it moves to a tinter/binder CT system. Whether for usage in new builds or refinish applications, the system includes a wide range of thinners and high-strength tinters that can be used across a wide range of substrates and on both small and large areas, ensuring all customers a premium experience. If you want to know more about how Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision can help to improve your workshop and profitability, find your nearest dealer or fill in the form below, then we will get in contact and help you answer your questions.