Nexa Autocolor® researchers aim to always deliver the most innovative, best-in-class pigments and resins for topcoats dedicated to Commercial Vehicle applications. The ultimate aims are of course ease of use and colour excellence.

Our mission is to deliver the flexibility to apply our topcoats in different conditions, through different equipment types and over a wide variety of objects without any compromise to quality.

Medium Solids Topcoat:
Turbo® Plus: A medium solid acrylic tintometric system, which is flexible and easy to use, providing excellent appearance and colour durability.

Ultra High Solids Topcoat:
Turbo Plus EHS: An Ultra High Solid tintometric base line, produced in conformity with PPD legislation to provide outstanding gloss, superior appearance and durability, and leading-edge colour matching accuracy.


P650-1000 TURBO VISION® Premium High Flow Topcoat


Turbo Vision Premium High Flow 2-pack EHS Topcoat has been optimised for Commercial Transportation Vehicles for both builders and repairers. Turbo Vision Premium High Flow EHS Topcoat is an easy to spray topcoat providing high opacity, outstanding gloss and general appearance with long term durability, which fully meets the highest standards demanded by fleet market. Thanks to the selection of its ancillaries, Turbo Vision Premium High Flow EHS Topcoat: - can be used from small to large area in a wide range of temperature conditions - can be baked at low temperature or left airdry.

P650-1010 TURBO VISION® Premium High Build Binder

P650 1010 5L

TURBO VISION® Premium High Build Binder is the next premium binder in the Turbo Vision Topcoat range using the latest technology and raw materials to offer the commercial vehicle segments “Best in Class” for Innovation, Optimisation and Excellence.

Available in 5L and 20L pack sizes.

P650-5000 TURBO VISION® MS Advanced Topcoat


TURBO VISION® MS Advanced Topcoat is an easy to spray topcoat providing good opacity, high gloss and general appearance. Available in a 5L pack size.