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When it comes to sourcing state-of-the-art coating solutions that optimise quality and colour and are easy to use for large surfaces and Commercial Vehicles, Nexa Autocolor® products is the natural choice.

READ MORE ON OUR NEWEST TURBO VISION® system for commercial transport coatings here.

In Commercial Vehicle coating, speed is key, but of course it would be nothing without control and quality.

Only a true leader in quality and process is able to deliver the most innovative solutions and the most efficient processes at the highest level of quality.

For the past 80 years, the Nexa Autocolor team has operated in a complex and changing market and has thus acquired a deep knowledge of the highly specialised Commercial Vehicle market.

Constant care and attention to the real-life daily activities of bodyshops and refurbishers over long-term partnerships has kept Nexa Autocolor manufacturers always at the leading edge, delivering the highest qualitative standards, continuous process improvement, and colour excellence.