Meet the Paint shop of the 21st century

Meet the Paint shop of the 21st century

Optimizing the productivity of your paint shop is important to shorten repair times and lower costs to a minimum – everyone knows that. But how do you actually do that in real life? Perhaps you already have optimized everything you can think of and have run out of new ideas about how to arrange your workshop, which processes to change, or what new technical solutions that could be integrated to make the radical changes you need, in order to lower your cost level to a minimum. But rest assured – there’s always a way to  improve even more.

If you need inspiration for how to take your workshop to be amongst the absolute leaders in efficiency, you need to look no further than to Thedens in Düsseldorf.  Taking a new, radical approach to the layout of the workshop and always being aware of new, relevant technologies, they have truly taken their Paint shop into the 21st century as one of the absolute leaders. The exiting transformation of the repair shop was done together with the LEAN experts of Nexa Autocolor

LEAN in action

From the way the damage to the car is estimated to the way it is transported through the workshop on remote controlled platforms – Thedens GmbH has taken each small step of the repair and brought it up to 110%. The workshop is based on Lean principles and solutions, with unique work booths ensuring that employees always have all tools and paint products directly available to them whenever they need them. Another innovative solution for efficiency is the spraybooth setup, which has lowered the workload by 70%. Also contributing is the Nexa Autocolor stock management system, the Daisy Wheel mixing machine and much more.

See the video and experience first hand the solutions and thoughts that have established Thedens as one of the absolute thought leaders on workshop management.

Improving your own workshop

Are you curious about how the principles from Thedens can be implemented into your workshop? Nexa Autocolor and our local distributors have a toolbox full of Lean and optimization tools that we can help you implement into your workshop – free of charge of course. From ProcessManager, to Lean courses and consultancy in your own workshop. We are ready to help you make and integrate the changes you need to take the leadership position among your competitors. 


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