Daisy Wheel - Nexa Autocolor

When carrying out repair painting, the colour shade consistency is one of the
most important factors. Aquabase Plus, the second generation water-based paint system is based on the patented micro-gel technology and is ideally suited for Daisy Wheel.

The combination of stable mixed paints, originally painted Aquabase Plus Colour Boxes, the colour shade measuring device RapidMatch™ X5 and the fully automatic mixing system Daisy Wheel together offer the perfect colour shade management concept for the highest possible colour shade accuracy and reproducibility. 

This is the most ideal combination in order, on the one hand, to be able to mix all vehicle manufacturers‘ colour shades, and on the other hand, in order to significantly shorten the mixing times. Mistakes when mixing are ruled out as a consequence of this, while you also create additional working capacities which can be used to complete other important tasks.

Daisy Wheel2

Greater precision when it comes to the dosage of the mixed paint:

  1. No mistakes when mixing. 
  2. Material consumption is reduced. 
  3. Maximum colour shade accuracy.
  4. It is possible to mix very small quantities

Automatic mixing:

  1. More time can be donated to other tasks.
  2. Elimination of manual errors.
  3. Clean mixing cabin

Compact system with a modern design:

  1. Improvement of your business’s public image and position with respect to customers.

  Are you painting yet, or still mixing?